After working 8 years in the Telecommunications industry gaining experience with provisioning orders to update switches/routers, and troubleshooting DSL service,  I can now add to that back office understanding the experience of an additional 7+ years as a field technician.

So what does that mean to you?

You have a complete service technician capable of providing your company with a full service solution!

The variety of skills I have developed over these 15 years of experience allow me to service every aspect of a Commercial, Small Office, Warehouse, or Retail environment. From the Demarc where your service enters the location, I can handle anything from the standard phone terminations (110 block), and tracing, identifying and terminating EXT/lines, installing and configuring Routers/Switches, running or repairing Cat5 Cabling(Installing AP’s), Installation or Administrative task on Servers/Computers/POS Terminals, and much more.

The reality is, when you send the right guy, you get the right results!

With over 1500 successful service events completed, you can always trust I.T. Call Tech to not only complete, but also to satisfy your request. With diverse people skills and a joy for working face to face with end users, my customers experience excellent communication which results in higher satisfaction.

Such soft skills are often overlooked by business seeking I.T. Support, yet a bad service event (Customer Experience) can be just as damaging as an under-skilled technician.

Trust the Right Provider!