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Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Should Your Business Use It?

As a Business Are You Vulnerable To An Outdated Phone System With Failing Pieces?

Or Perhaps Like Many Businesses Are You Facing Rising Cost Without Increased Benefits?

What’s the difference?

 Whether it is our IP-PBX’s or Cloud based phones systems each offers all the modern features that outperform the capabilities of older systems.  Subsequently our customers have found that having just basic phone service is a thing of the past.  We utilize modern (VoIP) Voice Over IP  phone systems with features that provide a completely customized, customer facing phone solution.  Therefore our business customers experience straightforward, worry free communications.  Soon you too will be operating your business from a position of STRENGTH, a brand-new phone system is like a breath of fresh air.  Be in complete control of how you communicate with your customers like “never before”.

why switch to Voice Over IP?

your services at your fingertips


Manage every aspect of your phone system in real time using our easy to use portal. Make changes on the fly.

Location Independent

Working from home? Take your office phone. With our softphone, or an additional device, the only requirement is a reliable internet connection.


Enterprise features, without the enterprise price tag. Call queues, automated attendant, Video meetings, and more.

Where we Begin:

It all begins with our “Free” intake evaluation, where we gather details about how your current service is setup (cost/hardware) Then we carefully craft a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution and proposal.  Once the proposal is finalized, we determine a plan for  implementation.  As a trusted partner we have learned that there is nothing like the confidence a business gains from investments that their customers will appreciate.  

When we put all the features together alongside the additional cost savings, there is no reason why a “Free” Intake evaluation is something that a company should not invest.  


Take advantage of our “Free”  intake session while spots are still available.

Contact us immediately by phone or email and schedule your

“No commitment” intake session as early as next week.

Voice Over IP – Cloud/IP-PBX Features:

Auto Attendants, Call Queues, Business Hours Call Routing, Music On Hold, Call History Access, Cloud Management of phones and numbers, route business calls to remote Users *.

                                * (surcharge required to add emergency 911 for additional locations.)

Our services are ready to work

With such a variety of different VoIP phones to choose from ask about our POE or Wi-Fi enabled models

Our Service is also compatible with many of the Popular Brands Grandstream, Poly, and Yealink.

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